Simon Bloom! άκουσέ τον – αξίζει!


Simon Bloom, a Sagittarius was born, in Athens, on the 6th of December. At the age of 15 Simon began his musical quest by learning to play drums and percussion. At 19 he began his major in Communication Studies at the Mediterranean University, it was at this time he switched to… acoustic guitar in order to fulfil his expression of love and disappointment, fear and happiness of this world. The inspiration flowed and he started writing lyrics composing music and soundscapes. By the age of 21 Simon’s love for the analogue sound’ and the music of the ’60s / ’70s (from Bob Dylan through to Bob Marley) led him to the decision to make a studio for his recordings and production of demo songs from people with an alternative musical outlook. In ’97 Shakti Studio was born. Simon Bloom became a self-taught audio engineer, his introduction to film work started with the recording of the "See You in Hell my Darling"(Nikos Nikolaidis-1999) soundtrack (music by Nikos Touliatos) where he worked as a recording engineer. He played live with various bands ranging from alternative to reggae music, while continuing to write songs and record lots of bands in his studio. He played a role in the film "Loser takes all"(Nikos Nikolaidis) and wrote two songs that went into the soundtrack of the movie (Greek production 2003 music by Yannis Agellakas). Challenged by the experience Simon went on to compose a whole soundtrack for the movie "Zero Years" (Nikos Nikolaidis-Greek production 2005). Out in DVD. Between the work on the two movies he wrote and recorded his first album titled "Real Shadows". Simon Bloom has released his first album Real Shadows which is sung in English.There are 9 songs which could be characterised as psychedelic, blues, folk rock. The album was recorded in Simons own Shakti Studio. The CD is for sale in Greece (Metropolis, Fnak) and on the net through The music of Simon Bloom is influenced by the 60s and 70s, or as he would say its like Pink Floyd meeting Nick Drake and going to J.J Cales trailer to jam!. Simon Bloom has started a series of gigs around Athens for now. Played in the "celebration of music" festival, small music theatre, An club, support for sophie solomon, Isobelle Cambell & Mark Lanegan, Jeff Martin, Pavlov’s dog, The Earthbound and there is more to come….. CURRENTLY A NEW ALBUM IS BEEN RECORDED AT SHAKTI STUDIO AND WAREHOUSE STUDIOS IN KYPSELI…. THE ALBUM IS FINISHED…..MIXED BY VAGELLIS ZISIS AND MASTERED BY TED JENSEN! SOON TO BE HEARD IN MY SPACE!!! THE ALBUM IS CALLED "HOLLOW BUTTERFLY"

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    A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means.

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    παρακαλώ, αλλά γιατί τι έκανα?

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